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YAY! I found some nice, older pics of me and uploaded them. Enjoy! Oh, obviously: just click the link... there has been no more uploading space for me here so I had to link them. Hope that works

That's me and the pony Twix I once took care for...

 Me and my former boss Georgina in the wee pub I worked in:

The hostel in Inchnadamph, Scotland me and Sandy worked in:

Us two and our boss Chris:

Me. Amy and Crystal in Oban:

Trying to hitchhike:


New pictures.... wheee! This time of the Frozen Airthrey Loch about a week ago!!!! It looked really nice!

Okay, this is a picture of the Wallace Monument... taken from the Airthrey Rugby Pitches, meaning taken from Campus. Just to show you how beautiful my Campus is. They are right saying its one of the most beautiful ones in Britain!

The next one is taken by Ilmatar, the camera-child sorry... no offence. She found it in St. Andrews. Well, I don't think I have to comment on that I. Oh, and don't think about it too much, it's just a joke.

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