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This is inspired by my dear Biene - thanks for throwing "Monatshelden" in my life, Biene!!! I miss you!

Heroes are now not bound to months anymore cause I just cant keep up at the moment.


The new hero is for the first time a heroine! Cause it's a new year and everything. It is Maya Hakvoort. A singer mainly in the Musical business. She has sung the big parts in pretty much every musical. This woman is just amazing.

She is just amazing, a great actress and an even better singer if you could say that! My favourite role is in "Elizabeth" however she is the best in pretty much all other roles as well. Look out for her. And her new album "Maya goes solo"!



The new hero is Michael Schuhmacher. It is finally time for my favourite F1 driver to appear here I think. A few minutes ago his last race ended. He is retiring and I guess even if you hate him you kind of have to acknowldge that he is a great racer!

I am not gonna say much more other than: Thanks for many years of amazing F1!



Yay, a new hero. I was thinking about several people but since I just watched the last Angel episode (worth seeing) I decided to go for another actor/singer> Christian Kane (that's Lindsey MacDonald i Angel).

Well, what to say about him? I really don't know anything about him, other than that he is an actor (duh), playing not only in Angel but obviously has been on MTV and in several other movies as well. He plays guitar and writes most of his stuff himself. Oh, his band is actually playing country-style music. Quiet good though, especially the London Accoustic one. They have gigs in May in London and Germany but unfirtunatelly they have the worst timing ever and are in the country I am not in. Well and that's about it.

The new hero is a former professor of mine. I know some of you might find this a bit wierd now, but he really taught me a lot.
I am talking of Prof. Dr. Martin Brunkhorst, reading at Potsdam University, for English Studies.
I attended some of his seminars and lectures (to be honest at the moment I just can't reacall how many) and I vividly remember the lecture on Shakespeare's comedies which was amazing. I fell like I have never learned more about Shakespearethan I did at that lecture. And he was having so much fun with Shakespeare.
Mr. Brunkhorst also wasthe one who taught me how to read and understand Jane Austen. Since then I really enjoy her sense of humor. And when ever I see a Jane Austen movie, I have to think of "Huepf undSchreittaenze" or that by looking at the houses and gardens he would know the exact location in GB...
Thanks for that Brunki ;-)


>Hero of the Months December and January is Ma'a Nonu, Rugby Player for Wellington and the All Blacks, position: Back.

Well, he is pretty much as old as I am *cough* and looks...anyway. I actually wanted to say that he is an amazing Rugby player and maybe I should put Tana Umaga up as well. Ma'a is one of those players who look a bit sleeky off the field and on the field they are just perfect.
I is a quiet brutal player, had a few hearings because of unlawful tackles, and in the game I saw him in it sometimes felt like the Scotland player avoided him. Anyway, he took a year off the All Blacks last season and there are weird rumors about him but of course *cough* we are soo not intereseted in that!

Well, here is a picture of him shortly before signing my programm *grin*

More info on


Hero of the Month October and November 2005 is Gerhard Schroeder.

He now is officially Germany's Ex-Chancellor and to be honest: I think that is a wrong decision.

I know he did quiet a few things I didn't agree on and his party did not always the right things but he tried. He tried to reform Germany, which was in deep shit and probably will be in deep shit again with the new Chancellor.

I really liked him, though he can be quiet an asshole I still liked his way of dealing with some things and think he has been a ery good Chancellor! Thank you for that (and the Gerd-Show!)




*Aug / Sept 2005: Georgette Dee
*July 2005: the certain Blueman
*May 2005: Josh Whedon
*Apirl 2005: Partick Stewart, Joshua Jackson, my Bunny
*March 2005: Jared Leto
*Feb/Mar 2005: Daniel Brühl

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