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The mystrious Jonny Wilkinson

Okay, everyone who is reading this blog quiet regularly knows that I have decided to say something about a mysterious Jonny in every entry :grins: . And so that all of you can find out who that is, I decided to make this section.

PLEASE NOTE This is not a fan page...yeah I really admire Jonny Wilkinson as a Rugby Player, but this is not supposed to be any fan hype thing a lá "I love him so much"... so don't even think about stupid comments

The rumour is that Tana Umaga is retiring. How was it playing against him? Rika, Stirling

Tana Umaga was a great player and, in fact, still is. He is hard, uncompromising and a great person to have in any team.

So, here are a few facts, and I will update this section later on...

*born: 25th May 1979 in Frimley, Surrey (GB), don't ask me where that is... :hä:
*Height 1.78 m
*Weight 85 kg
*Position: Number 10, with the Newcastle Falcons and the English National Rugby Team, Fly Half
*has been awarded the "Order of British Empire"
*plays golf as well and once apparently said that he doesn't play too much golf so that be won't become too good... yeah right!
*his favourite childhood book was Mr Men by Roger Hargreaves.... yeah we have something in common haha
*wrote an autobiography "My World"... am still in the process of reading, but quotes will follow soon.
*he is playing the guitar, saying: "I think it would be a waste not to try and test myself by playing on stage sometime. I do not think I am quite good enough just yet!" (that's what I am gonna do this summer...)
*he is also playing the paino...yeah right, what else! Actually liking it better than the guitar at the moment, playing mostly Coldplay or Keane...

I am now gonna give you some random quotes taken from his official page....

+"Rugby for me has always being something I love doing and something I view as an opportunity to achieve my dreams and be the very best I can possibly be."

+"Racism is not welcome in any sport or any part of life. The fact that it very rarely happens in rugby makes me proud of the fans and the players. There is a lot of respect for each other in the game."

+"The Scottish team have a great chance of doing very well." Uhm, huh? Do we talk about Scotland here??? Come on, don't be such a gentleman, Jonny, we are talking about Scotland!!!

Okay, enough gossip, here is a picture of him...

DISCLAIMER I took all stuff written down here from official sources, but I can't promise they are all correct. Oh, I don't have his phone number or anything ;-) and if I had I wouldn't share *lol*
By the way, Jonny, if you will ever the around offence *lol* and rock on!

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