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About Nordkind

Look, my nature is not mysterious, but I can't talk about it and I can't talk about why! (Ocean's 12)

So what about me? I am a white, European, female student, 21, not married....

Oh, you want to know more? I have been grown up in Germany, but am studying in bonnie Stirling, Scotland at the moment. That is where the battle of Stirling was and that is why this blog is in English. Everyone who isn't allright with that can complain or contact me and I might give a translation...maybe

Here is one of the latest pictures of me:

And if you want to know more... just feel free to ask, I think this blog is quiet self-explanatory

About Nordkind's Blog

The tone in which I spoke was spontaneous; being so, it needs no justification. (George Gissing)

Please keep that in mind, if you feel offended by any entry or any thing, please contact me and we can sort that out. This applies also for the Jonny section!

Oh, and I am not responsible for any pages linked to mine!

If I would be...

a month: July

a weekday: wednesday

a time: 9:15

a sea-animal: blue whale

a direction: left

a piece of furniture: sofa

a drink: orange-juice (haha...Hilton)

a bird: egal...or kiwi

a cloth: a skirt

a book: Michael Ende The Neverending Story

a car: an old Mini Cooper in dark blue

a sound: waves on the beach

a feeling: when you want to hug the whole world

a flower or plant: a willow tree

a kind of weather: tropical

a mystic creatur: elf

a musical instrument: piano

an animal: horse

a colour: rainbow

a noise: sea

an element: water

a song: from Mozart!: Gold von den Sternen

a movie: Finding Neverland

a word: Hope

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