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This is where I just tell you what I am reading at the moment (with a star rating: *****=very good, must read, *=don't bother)


February 2007 (except from dissertation stuff):

Lautlos by Frank Schaetzing ****

not as  good as "Der Schwarm" but equally thrilling. A bit too long, as usual and the ending is a bit short cut as well. But it~s good entertainment.

January 2007:

Brittanica & Ich by A.J. Jacobs ****

really funny and interesting. You learn a lot of useful and not so useful stuff and then you forget it again...



December 2006:

Der Schwarm by Frank Schätzing *****

After a one year break (that was at page 250 or so), I started to read this one again and was very surprised. It is very thrilling, quiet interesting and good fun to read. Only thing: the end is very long and very very heroic, proably a bit over the top. Still worth to take the time and read the appr. 1000 pages! 

November 2006:

The Bloody Chamber and Other Storiesby Angela Carter ****** Six stars is well deserved for this collection of short stories! She rewrites and subverts well- known Fairy Tales within this book. It's amazing and sometimes quiet disturbing. Very dark sometimes but just amazing! Definitly worth reading!

Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood *** hmm, I do like Atwood, but this one isn't one of her best I think. It kind of takes for ever and then you know the end anyway. The story isn't too bad though.

October 2006:

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson *** It's the book to the movie "The Haunted" with Liam Neeson and Cathrine Zeta-Jones. The book seems to be much better und creates a really uneasy atmosphere. However, the end seems like Jackson didn't know where to go with the story and i didn't like it at all. Still, if you have some spare time read it... it's only a 200 pages.

After discussion "The Haunting of Hill House" in class it deserves ****stars because there is so much in this book!

September 2006:

The Mysteries of Udolpho by Anne Radcliff *** way too long... takes forever to read and makes you freak out if you have to read in within three days. If you leave out about 500 pages the stories is good


August 2006:

Frankenstein (The 1818 Text) by Mary Shelley ****actually really exciting. Easy reading, nice story and you really want to know how it ends.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte ***** nice story, some really weird twist, a bit unpredictable but nice, esp. while you are caught up in a weird realtionship thing ;-)

Das Parfüm by Patrick Süsskind *** quiet disturbing, that guy is a creep and i really liked the whole smell things, the end was a bit weird though

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier ***** so good, started off rather weird and a bit confusing but got so much better towards the end. Plays a lot with your sympathies and has some real good twists. Definitly a must!


July 2006:

Glennkill. Ein Schafskrimi by Leonie Swann **** so cute how the sheep investigate in the murder of their shepard... quiet funny

A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby **** gets better towards the end, very entertaining

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of A Justified Sinner by James Hogg **** pretty long but has some really good twists

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