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Closing down

Hey everybody....

 this time it's for real now. As you now I am hardly doing anything on this blog and I don't want to as well at the moment. Thus this blog is closed now.

I started it when I moved to Stirling and since my time here is nearly over I think it's a good time to finish it now.

You can still check out my myspace page (, as I will put some random bit and pieces on that one and to stay in contact. This blog will continue to exist for a bit longer, so that everyone will be able to find me again *lol*

 Thanks for shring this blog with me.


6.5.07 20:15

Happy Easter!

To all of you out there lurking on my site every now and then! *lol* Have a great Easter time!


8.4.07 12:30


well, everytime I take a few minutes to actually write a new entry, I think... well, this will be the last one. I am gonna close this blog and not bother anymore. And then I see: yesterday 6 visitors... 2 today. WHO ARE YOU:.... WHERE ARE YOU HIDING? Please...tell me...

So, our "Perfektes Dinner" is over and for some reason no one won cause we couldn't decide. Mine went pretty well. We had Briscetta for starters which were okay but not perfect, then Lasagne, super yummy and Amarettini-Muffins, super yummy as well.

Nora did a Thai starter with Bread and Dips, then yummy Thai Chicken and Rice and for dessert exotic fruit salad.

 Other than that nothing much happened. I am writing on my dissertation and getting on quiet well... handed in the first chapter today. And I am applying for loads and loads of jobs.... so think of me and keep your fingers crossed!

23.3.07 22:47

Das Perfekte Dinner 2

Well, yesterday was Sandy's turn to cook a dinner for Patrick Nora and me. Against all odds (haha, sorry) she did a really good jib. We had a weird salad with noddles in it that tasted absolutely yummy, then Mexican chicken with rice and carrots and finally strawberrys with  pepper-chocolate sauce and spicy hot chocolate. We have been fed well and had a great time again. Next sunday is gonna me my turn and I will do Italian Cuisine.

Last week no amazing things happened. I git a ticket of T in the Park which is gonna be cool. And today I actually started writing my dissertation. 300 and a bit words. Finally. I am very happy now and hope that it will get better every day. Am quiet struggeling at th moment. *argh*

 Okay, that's from me today, see ya all soon

26.2.07 16:47

Shitty day

That would be today.

After the most fun night yesterday, today sucks.

Yesterday we (that is Nora, Sandy, Patrick and me) started our own "Das perfekte Dinner" series. Patrick started off with an amazing dinner and we had loads and loads of fun. Sandy is gonna cook next week.

Today though the weather sucks, my DVD player is broke, Sandy's laptop broke, and it was Curry Club Night in Studio which means a shit load more work in the kitchen than usual. Gross curry and more dishes than ever.

The good things today? Hmm... they played Thirty Seconds to Mars on the radio (will they ever stop calling Jared Leto Jared Leeeeto??). I think I will buy a large tub of Ben&Jerrys Ice Cream... that's what I want!

Oh, and no I didn't go to that Traffic Light party so no green man for me. And Kleine, I will email you asap!

Love you

19.2.07 22:20

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