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Traffic Lights

Well, gues what kind of party they have at Glow at V-Day? Traffic Light Party... and yes you are right. The color you are wearing indicates your relationship status... red for taken, green for free... welcome to Scotland

The last days have been as eventful as the ones before that. I am surfing the net, looking for jobs and reading for my dissertation. In between I am meeting some friends every now and then. And that is pretty much it. So I am sorry but there is nothing much more to tell you.

15.2.07 12:29

Nothing is happening

Well, I am sitting in my room, reading for my dissertation and writing applications. And if I am not doing that I am either eating, sleep or watching a bit TV. Isn't that exciting? Well, okay I have met some friends. And two days ago I actually went to Glasgow. Which has been very annoying cause I didn't find at all what I was looking for so I had to go back without anything. Not even a Starbucks Coffee cause I didn't have the time. Very sad... but well, at least I have been away for a few hours.

Tomorrow I will start working again, in Studio Kitchen... the whole weekend. Will see how that works out... yay! But then Nora will be back on Saturday and we will all be re-united for our last semester. Oh my God, that sounds so cheesy!

 Okay guys, I am back with my reading and I will hear from you soon I hope.

9.2.07 12:28

Another one is back

Do you guys remember my lovely section "The mysterious Jonny"? Yeah... that's him. The England Rugby player. The one where we all thought he would never come back and be injured for ever and all times. But no, he had his comeback yesterday against Scotland (yeah, England 42, Scotland 20...). No injuries but a good game and he scored for England. I am surprised... and happy... he still is my Jonny

If you are interested, check it out, the video is quiet nice:

Yesterday I have seen the movie "The Last King of Scotland". Really good, very well done. Definitly worth watching. What else happened? Not much, I am writing applications, reading for my dissertation and meeting friends. Pretty good life at the moment *lol*

Hugs to everyone

@Yvonnsche: I haven't forsaken you, the email will follow, with all about Mr. Leto himself...

4.2.07 13:14

Back again

Guys. as zou can notice at the moment I am not very good with these entries. I can't be motvated... sorry about that.

 I am back in Stirling now and I will find some time to change my design so some people can use the comments again - hopefully some time soon.

On my way to Stirling I was in Berlin. On Sunday with Henny, Max, Miriam and Saskia for a 30 Seconds To Mars concert. You guys cannot believe how cool that was! Truely the best concert I ahve ever seen! These guys rock! I already bought tickets for the April gig in London. Henny, Max and Sandy are coming as well... so looking forward to that.

I have been at Gudrun and Hoschie's place which was amazing- as usual ;-) And I stayed with Biene for one night. That was just right, a nice girlie night in. Miss you, Biene...

Back in Stirling I already had a great time seeing all my folks again, we went shopping and for coffees and I really should read for my dissertation.

So far so good... take care and provihito in altum!

2.2.07 01:07

Break- a short one

Sorry guys for the lack of news and no new design for my Kigafreu.... I am busy and on my way home to Stirling.... will let you know as soon as I am home again.


27.1.07 19:42

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