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well, everytime I take a few minutes to actually write a new entry, I think... well, this will be the last one. I am gonna close this blog and not bother anymore. And then I see: yesterday 6 visitors... 2 today. WHO ARE YOU:.... WHERE ARE YOU HIDING? Please...tell me...

So, our "Perfektes Dinner" is over and for some reason no one won cause we couldn't decide. Mine went pretty well. We had Briscetta for starters which were okay but not perfect, then Lasagne, super yummy and Amarettini-Muffins, super yummy as well.

Nora did a Thai starter with Bread and Dips, then yummy Thai Chicken and Rice and for dessert exotic fruit salad.

 Other than that nothing much happened. I am writing on my dissertation and getting on quiet well... handed in the first chapter today. And I am applying for loads and loads of jobs.... so think of me and keep your fingers crossed!

23.3.07 22:47

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